Seminar 1: Gavin Bridge’s presentation

Here is a copy of the presentation given at the first seminar by Gavin Bridge from the University of Manchester.  In it, he reflects upon the lessons learnt from a recent ESRC Seminar Series he helped run on Energy Transitions.

Geographies of Energy Transition

The three emerging themes that Gavin Bridge highlights in relation to energy transitions are particularly interesting:

1) that ‘transition’ is polysemic and can accommodate many different meanings for different actors.

2) that energy transitions are situated historically – they signify different processes in different historical contexts

3) that energy transitions are geographically differentiated, with different trajectories, goals and time-horizons in different geographical contexts

How can these lessons be applied more widely to wider sustainability transitions?  Indeed, if ‘transition’ is a polysemic term, does it lose its usefulness as a concept?

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