Seminar 1: John Grin’s presentation

Here is a copy of the presentation Prof John Grin gave at the first seminar, in Liverpool, on 30 June 2011.  It gives a broad overview of the heterogeneity of the transitions management approach:

Theorizing Energy Transitions

In this rich presentation, Prof Grin highlights many aspects of ‘what we don’t know’ about processes of transition.  He accepted that there is a need for further comparative work examining processes of transition outside of the Netherlands, as well as historical comparisons examining the transition to industrialized society.  Similarly, more work is needed about the agency of civil society actors and service users within sustainablity transitions.

A number of interesting questions were posed in the discussion of this presentation:

1) Can (climate justice, environmental and sustainability) social movements be viewed as ‘experimental niches’ within the different strands of transitions management?

2) Is the multi-level approach to transitions too optimistic about the sustainable potential of capitalism?

What do you think?

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