Seminar 2: Identities in Transition – book now!

Booking is now open for the second event in a ESRC-funded seminar series, “Sustainability Transition”, University of Leicester, Friday 14th October (10.00 – 17.30).  Organisers, Gavin Brown and Jenny Pickerill, University of Leicester.

The event is free, and lunch is provided: but a place must be reserved in advance.  Please contact Gavin Brown (

A limited number of travel/accommodation bursaries are available for postgraduate / unwaged participants or people without access to funding for such activity which are available on a first come, first served basis.  To request a bursary please contact Jenny Pickerill ( specifying your status and (briefly) the reasons for your request.

Seminar Two: Identities Transition

This seminar starts from the premise that many of the identities that individuals claim for themselves today in the Global North have been shaped by consumption practices fuelled by the high carbon economy. For example, contemporary class-based identities arise out of a (gendered and racialised) division of labour forged in the context of an oil fuelled economy and consumption practices.  This is witnessed in the specific consumption practices, values, lifestyles and modes of interpersonal relationships that are so central to the formation and reproduction of various class fractions, youth cultures, masculinities and femininities, ethnicities and contemporary LGBTQ identities.  Indeed, identity politics is a phenomena specific to the cultures of high consumption in the contemporary world.  We also know that there are links between poverty, racism and gender inequalities and the people most likely to experience the most detrimental impacts of climate change and resource scarcity. This workshop explores the role of the high carbon economy in shaping these social identities and questions how they might be reconfigured through the process of transition to a sustainable, low carbon future.

Speakers include:

* Robyn Dowling, Environment & Geography, Macquarie University, Australia

* Jon Anderson, City and Regional Planning, Cardiff University

* Jill Fisher, Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development, De Montfort University

* Michelle Bastian, Transition Liverpool

* Shumaisa Khan, Wisdom in Nature

* Joseph De Lappe, Educational Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London

The seminar will combine academic papers, panel discussions and interactive workshops.

There will be a meal available afterwards at your own cost.

Location: University of Leicester – walking distance from Leicester rail station.

Accommodation:  we would recommend The Spindle Lodge or you can find other options here.

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