Academic Publications

We plan to publish a series of working papers and journal articles resulting from the seminar series.  Here is what has been published to date (correct late September 2012):

Brown, G., Kraftl, P., Pickerill, J. and Upton, C. (2012), “Holding the Future Together: towards a theorisation of the diverse spaces and times of transition,” Environment & Planning A, 44: 1607 – 1623.

Hargreaves, T., Longhurst, N. and Seyfang, G. (in press) ‘Up, Down, Round and Round: Connecting Regimes and Practices in Innovation for Sustainability’ Environment and Planning A.

Mason, K., G. Brown & J. Pickerill (forthcoming, 2012), Epistemologies of participation, or what do critical human geographers know that’s of any use?’ Antipode. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8330.2012.01049.x

North, P. (2011), ‘The politics of climate activism in the UK: a social movement analysis’ Environment and Planning A, 43 (7): 1581-1598.

North, P. and Longhurst, N. (forthcoming, 2013), ‘Grassroots localisation: the scalar potential of and limits of the ‘Transition’ approach to climate change and resource constraint’, Urban Studies

Seyfang, G. and Haxeltine, A. (2012), ‘Growing Grassroots Innovations: Exploring the role of community-based social movements in sustainable energy transitions’, Environment and Planning C, 30(3): 381 – 400 doi:10.1068/c10222

Smith, A. (2011), ‘The Transition Town Network: A Review of Current Evolutions and Renaissance’ Social Movement Studies, 10(1): 99 – 105.

Smith, A. (forthcoming, 2013), ‘Transitions under crises’ in Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management, Volume 2: Civil Society, Social Movements and Crises for Public Management: Looking for Consensus?, Bingley: Emerald.